Cloud security Assessment


‘Cloud security’ is becoming more and more significant part of every organization’s concern who host and store all their data in cloud. It is easy to use and access as data is stored online and any employee can save all their information there and access at ease with right credentials.

But the biggest problem in cloud is if some unauthorized parties infiltrate their security defenses, then entire information stored over there could be compromised.

Another big misconception is that cloud security is considered to be the sole responsibility of security professionals which is not. It is the shared responsibility of every employee in the organization.

Why Cloud Security Assessment?

Hosting in Cloud environment holds unprecedented security challenges as they are different than those that exist on non-cloud environment.

Nevertheless, the overall processes to build and maintain a secure environment are the same.

  • What would be the impact if your database was compromised?
  • What impacts would arise if an intruder obtained access to your complete cloud environment?
  • How to assure that there isn’t a misconfiguration in the infrastructure?
  • How would you determine if your cloud security isn’t compromised?

Well the answer for all these startling questions is just one and simple, initiate a proper Cloud Security Assessment.

Boons of choosing Cycatz:

Cycatz security professionals perform result oriented cloud security assessment by

  • Assessing cloud security risks.
  • Conducting an entire cloud security audit and assessment to provide eye-opening reality check for organizations about the strengths and weaknesses of current systems.
  • Reviewing loopholes in ongoing cloud activities that’re prone to cloud security vulnerabilities and suggesting secure ways to address them.
  • Generating reports on compliance with the CIS Framework, AWS Well Architected Framework (for AWS environments), and the Microsoft Azure Best Practices (for Azure environments).

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Wake Up Words: Clouds in the sky may not be important to the eye but cloud security service does!