ENISA stands for European Network and Information Security Agency that was founded by European parliament. ENISA framework enhances the trustworthiness of ICT products, services and processes with cybersecurity certification schemes, cooperates with Member States and EU bodies, and helps to prepare for the cyber challenges. This framework is mainly or only meant for European bodies.

Why Is ENISA Important?

ENISA is important for distinct significant factors namely:

Empowering Communities:

Cybersecurity has never been an individual’s responsibility andwill never be but has ever been a shared responsibility. On that understanding, ENISA greatly helps in creating consistent communications between the cybersecurity stakeholders in Member States and the EU institutions and agencies. It also strives to upholdthe value to the stakeholders, exploring synergies and finely using scarce cybersecurity expertise and resources.

Cybersecurity For All:

Cybersecurity shouldn’t and cannot be pertained to one specific sector and therefore it is an inevitable universal requirement and thus must be used across all divisions of EU policy. 

Cope up with deficit:

The talent deficit in cybersecurity all over the globe is no wonder and the existing use of outdated technologies in many firms of ICT infrastructure is one of the biggest reasons for unprecedented increase in cyber threats. Investments to improve the competencies must be mandatory but with focus not only on it but also on making sure that the different operational communities possess the appropriate capacity to deal with the cyber threat landscape.


Ability to foresee the futuristic threats would benefit EU organizations to strengthen their resistance against security threats.

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