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Parents advise their kids to be safe against accidents during riding, small timers and other physical threats.

But now, times have changed and physical threat isn’t the only threat.

The truth is we are more prone to digital threats than physical threats. When I, as a normal citizen can be a target of cyber threats rising rapidly, why can’t companies? This thought made me restless. Through further R&D, I figured out that massive companies got their businesses compromised, with ‘insecure websites’ playing out to be a major reason for it. At that point, I’ve understood that website security counts a lot. This blog will make you understand it’s significance!


No matter how great your website contents are, no matter how fascinating your interface is, if you’re website isn’t secured, it’s like “no comments, just simply waste”. 

There’s a saying, “First impression is the best impression.” Just have a look at the above website. Would you register your details over there if you were needed to?

Well, if you’re aware about the notorious cyberattacks (injections, malware, virus, phishing, etc.,), their constantly improving potentials and the reputation loss of companies who’ve fell victims to cyber hackings, I’m sure you won’t!

Hence an impression, not just physically but digitally also matters a lot for your business growth.


There’s nothing more proud than genuinely earning someone’s trust. When you’re maintaining your customer data, you’re also maintaining their trust. They believe you’d keep it secure. Don’t let it break by keeping your website unsecured and letting their data get breached and compromised. Hence, maintain your website with HTTPS instead of HTTP. It’s just one alphabet difference but post effects are massive. As per recent Google’s survey, top 81 among 100 websites maintain HTTPS connection while the remaining 19 don’t.


One crucial factor for your website rankings is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO rankings for a company depends mostly on the type of website that’s maintained by a company. If your website is secured, your SEO rankings rise and if not, they decline. For your information, Google has announced that they would list the sites in 1st and 2nd pages of searches that are strictly HTTPS. Hence, a website with top SEO ranking pleases customers and aids in your business development.


Sometimes, when a random user visits your website and when he/she is enamored by the effectiveness of the contents in it, he/she tends to visit your website often for checking out the latest news and updates. When they crave for more, they tend to subscribe your website by registering their needed details. With time, there’s a definite probability of them becoming your customer.

But, would someone register if a website is being devoid of HTTPS factor?

Well, I wouldn’t and neither should you! Hence, website security matters for increasing customers rates.


The main purpose of any organization is to take their businesses to the higher levels. In this modern times of increasing cybercrimes, digital security means a lot. A secure website strikes positivity among your customers. When they’re satisfied with their data maintenance by you, they refer more clients to you and even they’d become your customers. With more business and clients, you’d recruit more talents to fill more verticals and in turn they add more value to your company eventually broadening your company’s horizon!


It takes years to build a reputation but just minutes to destroy it. Great organizations that experienced data breaches and flashed in news publicly are still facing the consequences of being a hacking victim. Henceforth, your website security means a lot to your reputation and thus keep it secured at any cost, no matter what. Else, your business will suffer from a security disaster sooner or later, and the game of time will terribly affect your business.

A stitch in time saves nine!

Regarding any security concerns, just reach us out.

“You can just focus on your business and Cycatz will take care of your security!”

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