Mobile is a digital asset that’s liked and used by almost all people ranging from toddlers to grannies. The enjoyment it yields for people through it’s distinct features are admirable and enjoyable until security concerns get aroused. Two important mobile operating systems are Android and iOS. The similarity between them is both have large security loopholes for hackers to perpetrate and exploit when associated with the different Application.

Why MOBILE Application Security Testing:

Every operating system has an architecture with which it is designed and developed. Testing each and every phase in it is mandatory. Imagine a scenario wherein a user submits his sensitive and financial details in a website using his mobile that has a huge glaring security vulnerabilities that leaks user data for intruders to perceive and exploit. Does that sound right? Absolutely, not at all! Thus, arrives the necessity to secure it and more importantly, securing it in the best way possible in order to offer secured usage environment for users.

Boons of Cycatz:

Mobile application security assessment done by Cycatz’s security professional encompasses both Android and iOS platform requirements. Notably apart from OS testing, the key components that would be tested include

  • Middleware
  • Both static and dynamic analysis
  • Native and custom libraries
  • Native and third party apps
  • APK files
  • Android manifest file

Apart from them, every module will be tested by leveraging Mobile OWASP (Open Web Application Security Framework) top 10 and MAST (Mobile Application Security Framework) application frameworks using both automated and manual methods.

Wake Up Words: Things that seem spectacular have huge setbacks too. Finding and fixing them would make them truly spectacular! 

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