NIST stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is a cybersecurity framework that’s designed for various individual businesses and federal, state and defense organizations outlined in Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) to assess and protect from the risks they face. As per recent survey, 70% of organizations choose NIST framework as the best practice for computer security. 

Why NIST Audit?

NIST framework provides fine detailing of cybersecurity practices like none other framework. NIST cybersecurity framework has 5 primary functions that’s further subdivided into 23 categories. These categories are further partitioned into many subcategories that contain distinct cybersecurity outcomes and security controls. They follow 5 important processes namely:

  • Identify – Identifying the underlying security concerns in information assets; checking the roles and responsibilities of risk management decisions; understand the operational requirements and identify the setbacks in it.
  • Protect – Protect all the access to information security assets to ensure secure delivery of information across all sides; to provide proper cybersecurity awareness on securing security aspects.
  • Detect – Ability to sanely scrutinize the information security assets and detect the potential hazards bound to strike them.
  • Respond – After detecting the potential hazards in assets, responding them with protective actions.
  • Recover – After responding with right treatment to information assets, care must be ensured to recover them from the hazard once and for all with necessary resilient measures.

Boons Of Cycatz:

  • Our Cycatz auditors are experienced and broad thinkers in executing the above 5 processes in the best possible manner.
  • Our auditors provide expert yet prudent and affordable suggestions in fixing the loopholes in assets.
  • Our auditors are approachable anytime and provide solid assistance until the confusions are cleared. 

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