One of the biggest misconceptions in security sector is the fact that thick-client security applications are secured by default and they don’t require any security testing and controls done on them. Thick client applications are applications just like any other application but with an exception that they operate in two-tier architecture fashion. Breaking in a granular way, it is the direct communication between a client and a database without requiring the middle/API factor. If they are used by an organization, then they need to be maintained secured which is an obvious no-brainer.

Why THICK-CLIENT Security Assessment?

Thick client files are executable files and leverage both local and server side processing. Highly hazardous security threats exist in thick-clients which if isn’t tested and patched could result in the entire system compromise in which the thick-client application is installed. The most notable vulnerabilities include

  • Activation key compromise
  • Buffer overflow
  • Password cracking
  • Activation key bypass
  • Memory corruption issues
  • Injection vulnerabilities

Boons of choosing Cycatz:

Regarding thick-client application testing, Cycatz offers the best possible security testing by

  • Performing all three phases of testing…static, system and dynamic.
  • Performing complete testing on all these phases in an extensive manner.
  • Reporting the underlying issues on time and assisting in fixing them. 

Wake Up Words: One of the misbeliefs in thick client application is it secured by default. But to keep it really secured, all 3 phases of testing static, dynamic and memory must be done!

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