Web Application security assessment

Web Application security assessment:

Web application security assessment…. Well, the name defines it all!

It’s the process of finding the lurking security vulnerabilities present inside an application. OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) is the security standard that’s predominantly followed and practiced while executing the web application security assessment. To explain OWASP in the simplest way in case if you hadn’t knew yet, it’s the defined set of distinct vulnerabilities that could cause most to all potential security hazards to an application and eventually lead to tarnishing an organization’s reputation.

Some solid eye-openers in 2020:

  • About 58% of victims had their personal data compromised.
  • 28% of victims were from start-up organizations.
  • 72% of cyberattack victims were from well recognized firms.
  • There’s a cyberattack for every 30 seconds as per Google’s survey. 
  • Organized criminal groups were behind 55% of the breaches.
  • Social engineering attacks, malware, disgruntled employee threats …..all these threat vectors contributed significantly to the rampant increase in cyberattacks in 2020.
  • There’s only one sector that hasn’t fell victim to any cyberattacks. Pondering what? Well, it’s none of them!  100% security is never a guarantee 
  • The surprising element is the fact that many compromised firms aren’t even aware of their data being compromised and continue to function with taking any corrective measures to set things right.

Boons of choosing cycatz:

To prevent any organization from facing data and reputation losses, cycatz offers reliable security assessment performed by competent and well experienced security professionals. Web application security assessment done by cycatz professional assures,

  • Providing the best secure usage environment for clients and customers.
  • Not just relying on automated tools but manually testing every module in an application to obtain extensive results.
  • Providing assistance to clients regarding security concerns with utmost dedication and knowledge.
  • Educating with lucrative insights on how to cope up with security requirements in this constantly evolving security landscape.
  • Educating with proper cybersecurity awareness to all employees on swift ways to stay safe resilient them that’s the absolute need of the hour.

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Wake Up Words: In this modern times predominantly ongoing cybercrimes, staying secured isn’t anymore an option but an inevitable compulsion!