Wireless Security

Wireless Security Assessment:

There are two modes of information transmission…wired and wireless. The most predominantly practiced mode of transmission is the wireless one ever since the advent of internet. From 2G till 4G to the upcoming 5G, the evolution of internet, the connectivity range and speed of it has only looked spectacular over the course of years. The more widely it’s been used, the more the security issues in it broaden.

Why Wireless Security Assessment?

Wireless Security Assessment gets the spotlight of our attention primarily due to increasing ease of its deployment through the addition of rogue Access Points (AP) by anybody from an amateur user to the administrator. Wireless Security Assessment aims at setting up a security baseline, checking compliance, gathering firm-ware versions for all equipments, determining maximum distance that wireless traffic can be received, discovering unauthorized access points, verifying if unencrypted traffic is traversing the wireless network, finding the connected hosts in Wi-Fi and trying to gain sensitive information about them and in ensuring that weak forms of WEP are not in use.

Boons of Cycatz:

Cycatz security professionals conduct wireless security assessment using both automated and manual assessment methodologies.

  • Automated methodologies: If a Wi-Fi device is being given and assessment needs to be done on it, then automated tools will be used to find the loopholes, crack the passwords used, penetrate into different VLAN, to check if IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) are functioning effectively and other such activities.
  • Manual methodologies: While the free tools trigger the most obvious vulnerabilities that surface in a network, the commercial ones have the ability to meticulously trace the insecurities in more detail than just revealing open AP. Also, to cross verify if the results obtained through automated methodologies are real and find more if some are left.
  • Our security professionals submit the report in time with crystal clear explanation of distinct processes executed to obtain the findings and the effective ways to mitigate them.
  • We provide staunch assistance to help the network team in fixing the issues.
  • We provide awareness session to employees and focus to educate them with lucrative security awareness insights.     

Wake up words: Wireless communication is the fashion everywhere. Hence, securing it for every user gains significant traction!

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